Home Insurance Rates – 7 Things That Will Keep Them Low

1. You’ll get cheaper quotes if your home is better secured. Dead-bolt locks and burglar alarms may get you savings of around 5%. Certain insurance companies can give between 15 and 20% discounts if you install advanced fire and security devices that ring at a police station, fire station or any monitoring outfit.To get such discounts, though, those advanced security systems have to be those accepted by the insurance company. The huge discount you get may not be worth it because such special systems cost much.2. A home of smokers will get expensive home insurance rates. Your premium will be less if every smoker in your home quits. Many a fire in homes can be linked to smoking. Do bear in mind that a good number of insurers do not have any discounts for this.3. You can get discounts of around 10 percent on your rate with certain insurers once you’re retired. The reasons for such discount are very clear: Retired people spend more time to maintain their homes are also in a better position to detect fires because they are usually at home most times.4. Your association might arrange discounts with an insurer that you could benefit from. Check if such has been arranged for any association you’re part of There might be some arrangements you could take advantage of. However, some insurance companies who do not give any form of rebate to your association might still end up being much cheaper for you. This is one of the main reasons I encourage people to make out time to obtain many quotes. It was and still remains the sure way of making sure you’re not paying higher premium than you should.5. Discounts are normally available to policy holders who remain with the same insurer for three years and more. The discounts given usually increase with your years as a policyholder.But do note that the concession you get on your home insurance rates for staying with an insurer may pale into insignificance if you compare it with the savings you could realize by changing to another insurance company. Therefore, do proper evaluation before settling for this option. Simply get new quotes from other insurers and then see if what you get as rebate for staying loyal to your company is more than what you’ll be given for switching.6. You’ll realize savings once in a while on your home insurance rates by simply looking through your policy limits each time there are changes in your home or its contents. This isn’t particularly to make savings but to help you find out whether your policy limits are adequate.The other side of the coin is that you may inadvertently have much more coverage than is useful. You need to confirm that that valuable hand-woven rug is still worth the amount you insured or something dramatically different. Although doing this could force you to raise your floater sometimes (to ensure you have the right coverage), it will similarly show you when to cut down such floaters as certain items depreciate.7. Get and compare quotes from at least three quotes sites if you want to lower your home insurance rate. Visiting at least three quotes sites increase the chances that you’d receive better quotes. This is because companies not covered by one site will be covered by the other.Moreover, you know that because the likelihood of receiving lower home insurance quotes is tied to the number of quotes you get, the more companies you get quotes from, the better your chances will be. Getting your quotes online will help you save far more if you sacrifice only 15 minutes to obtain quotes from not less than three quotes sites.

The Convenience of Faxless Payday Loans

There are many forms of payday loans available in the market today. Too may people are almost always needing loan facilities for different urgent expenses that come their way. These people could either be having urgent needs to pay utilities or other necessary bills. Emergency hospitalization can also be a great factor.Thus many lenders and financial institutions are now recognizing the need for quick cash loans that can be conveniently accessed and secured. Because many people are needing quick cash loans and there are too many institutions providing such services in the market, you surely would find the best credit facility that would suit your needs and preferences.Thus, faxless payday loans are here for you. You might be wondering what a faxless payday loan is. For a start, a payday loan is a short-term loan that you secure to cover the expenses you need to settle. For example, you need a total of $1,000 for all the dues you have to settle within a few days. Getting a payday loan of $1,000 would solve your problem.However, through a payday loan, you agree to repay the said amount in full on your next payday. There are some payday loans that are in installment terms. This means that the payment could be divided into two or more, and you would have to make payments every payday. However, be aware that such arrangements could be convenient and at the same time lead to higher interest charges.Faxless payday loansUnderstanding the usual process of ordinary payday loans would now help you comprehend faxless payday loans easier. All payday loans would have to be processed still. That means you have to surrender certain required documents like employment certificate, residence paper, clearances and many more.Such papers would serve as a security for the lender that you would be able to responsibly carry over your obligations. Regulators also need such papers to help make sure the industry would not be providing loans that ill never be repaid. You could submit the documents personally or just fax them at a later schedule.Faxless payday loans eliminate those requirements. Usually, faxless payday loans are online transactions or are phone-based. Through such transactions, you would be able to secure the loan amount minus the documentations. Thus, faxless payday loans usually take just about an hour to complete.No need to personally drop by the lender’s office, or mail or fax the documents. Credit investigations would be conducted through phone and through online means. All you have to do is to wait for an advice when the loan amount is already deposited into your bank account. It is that simple.What is more amazing about faxless payday loans is that you would be given an equal opportunity to secure the loan amount even if your credit record is tarnished. If you have a bad credit history, you could still be able to secure a faxless payday loan. Doing so could also be an advantage because you could actually clean your records through diligently paying the loan amount.So the next time an urgent expense comes your way, do not hesitate to seek assistance from online financial and lending services providers. You could easily get a faxless payday loan. It would not take a few hours. It is that quick and easy.

Understanding Factors Affecting Your Home Insurance Premium

Homeowner’s insurance can be a confusing topic. Because of this, many homeowners don’t fully understand why insurers charge the premiums they do, and as a result, premium charges often go unquestioned by policyholders.But when you know how insurers determine your premium, you can work with those factors to lower your premium and say goodbye to expensive home insurance rates!How Insurers Gauge Your RiskWhen an insurance company determines your rates, they’re really determining your risk. And according to the Insurance Information Institute (I.I.I.), insurers consider some of the following to determine exactly that:

Where your home is located. Living in high risk areas like the Gulf coast or in crime-riddled neighborhoods drastically increase the chances that your home will be significantly damaged, ruined, vandalized or stolen from. It’s for this reason that you’ll pay more to insure your home in a high risk area.

The cost to build in your area. Some insurers will look at the construction costs in your area to see how much it would cost to rebuild your home if it were destroyed. The higher the construction costs are in your area, the higher the likelihood that you’ll pay for it in your home insurance rates.

The materials used to construct your home. Materials like brick and other stone tend to better withstand the high winds that come with tornadoes and hurricanes. If your home is constructed (or partially constructed) from these materials, you’ll probably see a dip in your homeowner’s insurance premium.

Other risk factors on your property. Insurers will also want to know if you have any swimming pools, hot tubs or trampolines on your property, as well as the kind of breed the family pooch is. All of these factors increase the risk of injury on your property and insurers may increase your rates accordingly.
Saving Money on Home InsuranceWith all these factors, how can you save money on homeowner’s insurance? Aren’t some of these factors out of the hands of homeowners?Yes and no. While you may not be able to control the weather or the actions of others, you can do the following to save money:

Make upgrades. While you may not be able to change the location or construction of your home, you can lower your premium by upgrading plumbing and heating systems, installing sprinkler systems, additional smoke detectors and deadbolt locks. While these upgrades may take a little elbow grease and money on your part, it’ll lower the risk for insurers–and your home insurance rates.

Make your home safe. If you have a pool or trampoline, fencing can keep children away from these areas without your supervision. If you have a dog that fits into a “high risk” breed category (like a pit bull), there may not be a lot you can do, and some insurers won’t cover dog bite liability; ask your insurer for details regarding your pooch.

Insure for the replacement cost. Your home would probably cost more to rebuild or replace now that it did when you bought it. Insuring your abode for the replacement cost will help you avoid any large depreciation if you need to file a claim.

Review your policy annually. If you sold grandma’s expensive china last year, you no longer need coverage for it. Reviewing your policy annually will ensure that you have the coverage you need–no more and no less.
Start Saving on Home Insurance TodayWhile you may not be able to control how insurers determine your homeowner’s insurance rates, you can make adjustments to your home to combat premium hikes. In addition to these money-saving tips, always remember to ask your insurance agent about any discounts for which you might qualify. Doing so will get you the affordable home insurance you need to save money–without having to skimp on coverage.

Payday Loans, A Viable Option?

What are payday loans?Payday loans are short-term loans that are extended between two pay days. A payday loan is normally provided for 14 days. The borrower, on acceptance of the loan conditions, provides a check favoring the lender as security against the loan. On the due date, the lender deposits this check to recover the loan dues. The due date is generally the next pay day of the borrower. No credit checks are conducted for granting payday loans. Therefore, the FICO score of the borrower is irrelevant. It doesn’t matter whether the borrower has a bad credit history, or has no credit history, or has declared bankruptcy.Qualifications for payday loansTo qualify for a payday loan, the borrower needs to fulfill all of the following conditions. There are no exceptions.o You must be a US citizen.o You must at least 18 years of age.o You must be at a full time job currently and must be at this job for at least three months.o You must either have an active checking account or a savings account.o Your after tax salary should be at least $ 1,000 or you must have a fixed income of $800.Cost of payday loansPayday loans carry a very high cost. Generally the lender fees for a $ 100 payday loan is anywhere between $15 and $25. It should be remembered that this fee is for 14 days as the loan itself is extended for these many days only. If one considers the cost on an annual percentage rate (APR) basis, the average is 391%, which by any standard is exorbitant. By law, it is mandatory for the lender to specify the APR to the borrower. Many lenders do compare the cost of payday loan against other forms of financing; but the common denominator of such a comparison is that all of them are very expensive.When to avail of payday loans?Payday loans should be availed only during emergencies. Considering the fact that the cost of carrying a payday loan is very high, it should be a resource of last resort. If one implements good budgeting techniques and has a good financial plan, the need for borrowing by way of payday loans can be minimized. Moreover, one must ensure that a payday loan is paid on time. Payday loans should not be rolled over or extended as within no time the borrower will find himself or herself in a debt trap where money may have to be borrowed just to repay the interest.Profile of a payday loan borrowero A typical payday loan customer is between 25 and 40 years of age with an annual income anywhere between $ 25,000 and $ 50,000.o According to the US Census report of Year 2000, the results of the payday loan borrowers survey are:22% of those surveyed hold a bachelor’s degree.51% of those surveyed have a retirement savings plan.In excess of two-thirds of those surveyed have a savings account.More than two-thirds of those surveyed have an annual income of at least $ 25,555.Why are Payday loans popular?They are popular for a number of reasons such as:o Credit checks are not required. The personal check that you make payable to the lender acts as security.o Approval is quick. If all the necessary documents are submitted, your loan application maybe approved in minutes.o The paperwork involved is simple. Generally one or two documents would suffice which explains the loan process and your obligations.o The repayment process is without hassles. The check submitted as security is encashed on the next payday by the lender. You could extend the loan to subsequent paydays for a fee. However this is very expensive.o Easy availability. Payday loans are particularly appropriate for emergency situations provided the amount required is small and one is willing to bear the high cost of the loan.In summary, payday loans might be a viable option if you need cash and need it fast. You still should be careful who you are working with to obtain your loan. If you don’t need money right away, there is probably a better solution for you.

Home Insurance Quote – Home & Renters Insurance

Home insurance comes with many responsibilities, one of which is to have adequate home insurance that not only protects you, but also your family. If you rent a house or an apartment, renters insurance is also a good idea. The number one reason people go without home insurance or renters insurance is affordability, or the perceived notion that these type of insurance products are expensive. The truth is that with a little bit of planning you can get home insurance quote or renters insurance quote that may change that notion.Back in the day, getting a home insurance quote would involve calling your existing insurance company, dealing with your agent, and taking whatever rate was offered to you. Well, it no longer has to be that way. You can get an online home insurance quote with relative ease these days. What’s more, you can get multiple quotes from multiple insurers. This puts you at a significant advantage, allowing you to shop for the best available home insurance quote. And of course this can also be done for renters insurance, car insurance, or for whatever other insurance needs you may have.Now, this is all available to us, thanks to the advancements of the Internet. It’s important to understand, however, that the elimination of an agent, means a bit more homework on your part. Things may be cheaper and easier by utilizing the power of the Internet, but you’ll be missing guidance from a qualified agent. So, you’ll need to take a look at what type of coverage you need, what specifically you need to cover, and how much. These are important areas of guidance that will be lacking, due to the lack of advice. So, it’s important to do some due diligence, rather than just finding the best rate and going with it. It’s also important to note that you should try to work with high quality insurance companies rated “A” or better. You’ll more than likely be paying into a policy for years, and you’ll want to make sure that company is around when you need them most. All insurance companies are not created equal, some will weasel out of claims at every chance they get, and that’s why quality is so important.By having several insurance companies compete for your business, you’ll be assured the most competitive rate. What’s recommended when getting a home insurance quote is to get a quote from about five insurers. But, make sure those five insurers are higher quality insurance companies. You’ll be amazed at just how reasonable home or renters insurance can be. Renters are often renting, because they don’t have the big bankroll to purchase a home. With these individuals, every dollar spent should be scrutinized. Apartment rental insurance, for example, can provide for very affordable rates. It is not unusual to see renters insurance at lower than $20 a month. This not only protects your belongings, but also protects you in the form of liability issues. Because renters insurance doesn’t involve ensuring the physical property, much like home insurance has to, it is considerably more affordable. At these rates, there is no reason not to go with renters insurance coverage, so take the first step and get insured today.Taking the first step in purchasing adequate home insurance, is even more important when you own a home. With home values still close to all-time highs, our homes are not only the place we live, but also our largest investment. Our families rely on the sanctity of our homes. With natural disasters so prevalent these days, it should be a reminder to us that we should have full home insurance coverage. If you live in a flood or an earthquake zone, make sure that you have either flood or earthquake coverage. Many home insurers don’t include this type of coverage in their policies. If you can’t purchase it as a rider within your policy, you have access to coverage through government protection. Home insurance protects against liability, as well as disaster. This is very important, as protecting you, your family, and friends from these issues should be paramount.Your landlord may require some form of renters insurance. Your lender will most certainly will require that you carry a certain level of home insurance. For either, it is not only dangerous to go without coverage, but dangerous to go without adequate coverage. Make sure you have sufficient coverage that will protect you and your family. You can get a competitive home insurance quote online for free these days, so take advantage of it.